Droneer Three5 For The Globe

Enterprise Grade35 Litre Crop spraying drone that comes with all advanced avionics you need in field for large hectare coverage.

35 litre liquid / 55 litre granular spread per 2.5 hectare calibration, single flight covers 2.2 hectares each flight.

Single battery can support 4.5 hectares / 70 litre spray.

With default 2 batteries can provide 9 hectares / 140 litre spray before recharge.

650 recharge cycle of single battery can provide 2860 hectares bringing per acre fly cost under 30¢ Lowest in Industry.

For The International Market ONLY
"Not Sold In India"

Available to ship 35 litre drone

Unique in The World Of Spraying Drones


Store / Charge – Under 13 Mins.

Flight Controller

Enterprise grade full backend access with agri spray specific

Patented ‘‘ 45° calibration mechanism

Fly Time

Unmatched 4.5 hectares per battery charge.

Design & Architecture

Only quadcopter design with 40-55 litre in Agri Spraying Category.

Scalable design that lifts from 30 litre upto 55 litre carry capacity.

large yet compact foldable crop spraying agriculture drone
large 55 litre tank seed spreader drone

Enterprise Grade ! Truely

“Munch Hectares while breathing! simultaneously charging batteries, covers wide range of crops & scalable technology backend to adapt global agriculture needs”

Competition ? Call them to fight out 10 hectares in 2 batteries under 30 mins! We Bet none will.

High quality long range remote controller
high capacity battery charger for agri drones

Future Of Agri Drones is HERE

Droneer Three5 is made for Large Farms / Food Producers whose aim to cover 50+ Hectares in 5-6 hours each day.

Drone spray efficacy is best achieved when sprayed before 10 AM, between 4.30 to 6.30 PM. Droneer Three5 series made keeping the large Growers & Farms who can seamlessly manage farms @ ease.

For The International Market ONLY
"Not Sold In India"

Available to ship 35 litre drone

Commanding Features

Easy to Carry

On Motorcycle / 3 Wheeler, Compact foldable design.

Obstacles & Terrains

From 40 to 1 Meter 5 Beam Sensor Integrated front & Rear & Bottom.

Integrated Remote Controller

With 5.5 Inch bright screen, 1SPRY App Integrated rage of upto 10 KM.

Functional Fly

Dosage, Row, Height, Speed setup for 30+ Types of crops.

Dual Purpose FPV & LED

FPV camera & LED flood lights can face down for view beneath & Landing.

Countless Personalisation

Name Embossed, Choice of Color, Apple AirTag Inbuilt & Many more.

Only The Best


92 Kg

Solid State Lithium Polymer

14S 30Ah with Molex Plug

Fast Charger

5C Fast Balance Charge & 8 DC Fast Discharge.

Remote Controller

WPC ETA Certified 10 km radius capable with 5.5 inch high bright screen supporting Dual FPV mode.


1SPRY – Enterprise grade, backend cloud access with fleet management software integrated with Flight Controller.

Sought After

  1. Breakpoint Memory with return to home & resume to break point.

  2. Nozzle calibration with dosage & pump pressure setups.

  3. Dual flowmeter with accurate brushless disbursement.

  4. Auto Set Crop Height.

  5. Auto Set Row Width.

  6. Auto Set Obstacle Avoidance Warning.

  7. Auto Set Terrain Sensing Warning.

  8. A & B Route Planing.

  9. Height Auto Set at 30 Meter

  10. Customisable RTH / Return Path Algorithms.

Large Farm fumigation drones
Large pesticide drone maker for agriculture

Certification - DGCA : FCC CE RoHs

Being one of the most awarded Agri Drone Startup, TRITHI is Aiming to Focus Droneer Three5 for export oriented ONLY, Hence it will not put under QCI-DGCA certification process, which is specific to India. While we are putting the model under various crop spray efficacy trials to make sure its justifiable to Global farms with our 6 initial international co-partners to make sure it performs as advertised. FCC, CE & RoHs certifications are Completed for the Model for International Marketing & Sales.


Our Quadcopter design with look & feel & specs are trademarked/patented. Our Avionics & spares are not sold in open market to prevent counterfeit.

Reach out ONLY to our International Enterprise Partners for genuine, authentic & verified purchases.

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